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15.0% Ice Cream Spoon (Ice cream spoon)

The figure 15% in the product name is a reference to the Japanese standard that stipulates that the minimum milk solid content of ice cream must be 15%. This spoon specially designed for scooping ice cream is made of solid aluminum, a material with high thermal conductivity. The temperature of the hand holding the spoon is conveyed to the ice cream in a manner that slowly melts it to enable smooth and easy scooping. The author of this unique spoon is renowned designer Naoki Terada. Its beautiful mirror-like shine is the product of the skillful and experienced craftsmen of Takaoka City, the preeminent center of Japan’s metal casting industry, who carefully polish each single spoon by hand. This innovative spoon blends traditional crafts with the concept of relishing ice cream to create an enjoyable experience
for adults and children alike. The product, which comes in several variations suitable for ice cream cups, parfaits, sundaes, and other ice cream products, makes the perfect gift.