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3120 Watermark Notebook (Watermark notebook made with Mino washi)

Notebooks/Datebooks/Memo Pads
With over 1,300 years of history Mino washi owes its durability and high quality to its cross-woven fibers. Three local producers have combined handmade papermaking traditions with the latest technology to offer a paper product under the product label ‘3120’ that is modern in design. A characteristic of 3120 products is their watermark pattern. The paper features repeated delicate patterns made using a high-level technique combining patterned paper with plain paper into one sheet of paper. These types of paper notebooks standout with their pop-flavored neon jacket covers. Compared to notebooks made with Western-style paper, these notebooks are not only light but can also be enjoyed for the difference between the smooth front writing surface and the rougher reverse-side writing surface.