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8bees Mikan-mitsu, Renge-mitsu, Kenponashi-mitsu, nado (Honey, Mandarin, Lotus Flower, Japanese Raisin Tree, etc.)

Jam/Syrup/Honey/Starch Syrup
Japan experiences all four seasons. 8bees is monofloral honey, which is made from the nectar of a single type of flower according to the season. This is a colorless creation that throws away all of the first-collected honey, which contains sugar water that is given as feed to honeybees before the flower blooms. It is realized by loading boxes of honeybees onto a truck late at night during the short period while the flower is in bloom and taking countless trips back and forth. The time and effort taken to attain the flavor and fragrance of the colorless honey also results in a lower amount of honey obtained. Thanks to this process, 8bees is not merely sweet, but also contains the fragrance, depth, and bitterness of each of the seven flowers, including mandarin orange and lotus. Through this product you can experience the four seasons of Japan and the taste of 100% monofloral honey.