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Acryl Bangle [Kuon-color] (Kuon-color acrylic bangle)

Shimmering like a veil of light, at one 10,000th of one to two millimeters, gold leaf is a pure gold base alloyed with minute quantities of silver or copper and flattened to see-through thinness. Gold leaf manufacturing in the city of Kanazawa in Ishikawa prefecture, which boasts a 99% share of the gold leaf volume produced nationwide, began over 400 years ago. This gold leaf adorns temples and shrines, such as Kyoto’s world famous Kinkaku-ji Temple, and is used on lacquerware, porcelain and other craft items, and is also woven into fabrics. Kanazawa is where Hakuza, in a world’s first, produced a pure gold-platinum leaf alloy to introduce the accessory, Acrylic Bangle L Kuon-iro. Internally a clear acrylic bangle, this is finished with pure gold-platinum alloy leafing for a distinctive transparency. It can be worn with a sense of sophisticated elegance and a radiance of Japanese refinement.