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Aizome (Indigo-dyed scarf)

The ash liquid fermentation method to obtain natural indigo dye is a traditional technique that flourished in the golden era of Japanese indigo dyeing, the Edo Period. The dye is 100% chemical-free, made only with ingredients obtained
from nature, so the method is safe and environmentally-friendly. It is famous for the subtle and beautiful natural colors, which cannot be attained by combining and applying chemical dyes or paints.

[Producer’s Remarks]
Fabrics dyed with genuine aizome indigo dye do not fade even when washed together with white clothes soon after dyeing. In addition to their excellent insect and snake repelling properties, indigo dyes are suitable for people with atopic syndrome or sensitive skin. Weakened textiles can be reinforced by re-applying indigo dyes. Apart from all their excellent properties, indigo dyes teach us the importance of using and preserving objects with care. (Aki Tomura)