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Acarine 004 (Lamp made with washi)

Acarine 004 is a new kind of lamp that merges the Japanese traditional craft of washi, Japanese paper, with a high-tech acceleration sensor. The lamp features Yatsuo Washi, a handmade traditional paper craft from the town of Yatsuo in Toyama prefecture. The semicircular shape made using the stencil dyeing technique is a design based on the amigasa hat seen in the traditional event, Owara Kaze no Bon, held in Yatsuo. When the semicircular Japanese paper is touched, the acceleration sensor detects that slight vibration and the LED light slowly illuminates, then fades out about 1 minute later. That series of actions—touch, vibrate, illuminate—has a calming effect, giving the Acarine 004 an appeal that goes beyond functionality.