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Artus 18 (Knife)

Echizen Uchi Hamono are cutlery products in Echizen (the old name for Fukui) that have a superb sharpness made by a 700 year-old traditional hand forging process. However, its survival became threatened 40 years ago by the rise of mass production. TAKEFU Knife Village is a cooperative association where the techniques of master craftsmen that would not ordinarily leave their own premises are assembled. In order to breathe new life into Japanese cutlery, it partnered with local industrial designers to develop the Artus series, each of which is integrated from handle to blade tip. The cutlery is prized for its almost unapproachable sense of cleanliness, forms alive with Japanese taste, good balance, and sharpness. Above all, the main purpose of the knife is to fit the user’s intended use. Innovative, yet not reliant on novelty, these lifelong-lasting products were created in a quest for functional beauty.