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Aroma Diffuser (Aroma diffuser)

Hasami-yaki, which boasts 400 years of pottery tradition, began with celadon, a kind of porcelain created by a glaze containing iron that turns a blue-green color. The celadon porcelain collection from Maruhiro can be enjoyed as is for
its blue-green color, or the plaster on the surface can be removed with hot water to reveal an iron-like porcelain surface. The attractive collection is characterized by its friendly, familiar design.

[Producer’s Remarks]
This modern, trendy collection takes a hint from the established craftsmanship of the local area. It has interesting pieces that include an aroma diffuser that resembles an old-fashioned incense burner and wall hanging flower vases modeled after numbers. It is an absolutely new form of craftsmanship by young artisans who are the future of Hasami-yaki. (Yu Yamada)