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Ayumi (Eyeglasses frame)

Sabae city in Fukui prefecture boasts an approximately 96% share of the domestic production of eyeglass frames. Makoto Optical Co., Ltd., a company established by the grandson of Gozaemon Masunaga, the founding father of Sabae’s optical industry, is the proud manufacturer of Ayumi, a brand of frames for eyeglasses made of natural celluloid. These globally unique celluloid frames are known for their exquisite translucency and luster, as well as superb strength and resistance to deformation. The superior wear comfort offered by the products of the Ayumi series is
another aspect of their appeal.

[Producer’s Remarks]
Ayumi is a high-quality brand based on superb cutting and polishing technologies. Much effort has gone into the design of the nose pads. Their exquisite and well-balanced shape helps reduce the burden of the frames on the
nose and makes sure that they do not leave imprints on the skin. These frames are so light that you may forget you are wearing them, and are sure to become your favorite item. (Rika Yajima)