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BEE my HONEY Otonano Lemonade 500g (Lemonade syrup)

Jam/Syrup/Honey/Starch Syrup
BEE my HONEY is a honey lemonade syrup made with fruity Vietnamese lychee honey, Japanese lemons, and select spices. It can be diluted with water or soda water and even makes an aperitif when mixed with sparkling wine. Stirred into some black tea, it makes a delicious spiced tea. Just having honey at the table makes meals more enjoyable. BEE my HONEY was made in hopes of bringing that joy to the table.

[Producer’s Remarks]
Only seven percent of the honey consumed in Japan is domestically produced. Honey produced from nomadic beekeeping, in which hives are moved to locations where flowers are blooming, is even rarer. BEE my HONEY was made from this special honey as a condiment for everyday use. From marinades to stewed dishes, it can be used in a myriad of ways, and it brings out the flavor of ingredients with a subtle sweetness that is milder than that of sugar. (Yu Mizushiro)