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VEGGIE TACO RICE (Japanese-style vegetarian Mexican rice)

Taco rice is a popular example of Okinawan native cuisine. It consists of taco-flavored meat, vegetables, and cheese served on a bed of rice. VEGGIE TACO RICE is an advanced macrobiotic product created with the goal of popularizing this Okinawan soul food overseas. The product does not contain meat and is 100% free of chemical seasoning and additives. The power of local ingredients alone creates a product of sumptuous and fulfilling flavors. Firm and supple island tofu successfully replaces the meat, and the combination of organic vegetables grown without chemical fertilizers
or pesticides, pure salt from the beautiful Okinawan sea, and cold-pressed rapeseed oil produced in Kyushu produces a rich yet soothing blend of flavors. The vacuum-packed product can be stored at room temperature and is halal-compliant. It can also be served on pasta, baguettes, or steamed potatoes.