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bindman (Metallic binder)

People well acquainted with Japan know that it is truly a country where stationery is held in high regard. There is no other country in the world with such a rich variety of high-quality functional stationery products. One of them is bindman, a binder that is easily opened by pressing a lever with one finger. The cover of the binder opens at 180 degrees to a fully-flat position, making it easy to take documents in and out of the binder or to write down notes in already enclosed documents without removing them. The fully-metal design is also very attractive.

[Producer’s Remarks]
This binder is used by local gover nments all over Japan to organize household registration records and tax documents.
It is perfect for sorting large-volume documents. The binder can be opened and closed effortlessly even if contains
many documents, thus boosting work efficiency. (Shoko Tsurumoto)