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Bingo Fabric (Bingo Kasuri fabric bag)

Once counted as part of the three major kasuri (splash patterns) in Japan, Bingo Kasuri was once the most produced fabric in the country, but now only two such textile manufacturers remain. Bingo Fabric is a traditional industry project that attempts to pass on the traditional techniques of this fabric to the next generation after reaffirming the value of Bingo Kasuri created in the Bingo region of Hiroshima for 150 years. The natural colors of kasuri are maintained while recreating the fabric into simple items for a modern lifestyle. Bingo Kasuri originally played an important role in work clothes, and those properties have been put to use for a lightweight, strong tote bag and pouch. Colored in sections with natural dyes, the color naturally fades over time and with use for beautiful, deep changes in character over the years. This is sure to become an essential item in your daily life as a somewhat different fashion accent.