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Bouchuko (Insect repellant)

Air Fresheners/Insect Repellants
This is the only nioi-bukuro (fragrant sachet) speciality store in Japan that continues to make bouchuko, and it was established 160 years ago in Kyoto. Inside the thin paper bag are a variety of originally blended natural fragrant
woods including sandalwood (fragrant wood), clove (buds), fennel (seeds), and borneol (crystalline plant extract). Place the bag in a chest of drawers or with paintings or other artwork for an insect repellent that is effective for up to a year. This is an aromatic item from Kyoto, which has old roots in the culture of fragrance.

[Producer’s Remarks]
This insect repellent is made from an unchanging recipe with a long history. Nowadays chemical insect repellant can easily be obtained, however, natural ingredients are the safest. This is a way not only to protect one’s clothes from insects, but an important part of traditional fragrance culture that puts emphasis on dress and grooming.. (Akiko Hino)