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Boo-Boo Series (Wooden toy truck)

The town of Owanimachi is surrounded by nature, with two of Japan’s three most beautiful forests: Akita Cedar at the northernmost point, and Aomori Hiba at the southernmost point. From long ago wood was considered a valuable
resource in this location. This resulted in a the area being a prosperous place for forestry and lumber industries, making it known for the furniture, plates, and toys made out of rich Aomori wood. Boo-Boo is a series of toys from a workshop in Owanimachi modeled after automobiles and animals, made out of natural Aomori wood with the idea of providing authentic items from childhood. The wood, whose warmth can be felt in these toys, is unpainted so your children are safe even if they try to put it in their mouths. Katsuhiko Ogino is the product designer behind the toys, incorporating local aspects into each item.