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Brass Ballpoint Pen Solid Brass “Brass Product” Series

Pens/Pen Cases
As a corrosion-resistant material that is easy to process, brass has been used for making coins, musical instruments, and works of art for ages. Its unique ambience deepens with use, as the material becomes softer and richer. Amidst the array of plastic stationery goods, the Brass Ballpoint Pen stands out as part of the Brass Product Series, a line of stationery products that explores the possibilities of brass-based designs. The luxurious feeling of weight and the distinct gold-like luster create an image of premium elegance. The tip of the pen fits snugly into the brass holder for a compact look and perfect portability. The Brass Product Series also features clips, a pen case, and other stationery goods made of brass. The Brass Ballpoint Pen in particular is a true collector’s item that lures users with its uniquely superb luster.