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FIVE/CARD CASE (Card case made with washi)

Name Card/Business Card Cases
The Gokayama (literally “five mountains”) area of Toyama prefecture is the secluded home to gassho zukuri houses with thatched roofs, and is on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Japanese paper made from Gokayama kozo, a plant cultivated by a family business using water melted from the abundant snow in the area, is so durable that Gokayama paper is sometimes even affixed to shoji sliding doors as an alternative to shutters. The Go/Five brand name refers to the “Go” of Gokayama and the technique of the “five” fingers of the craftsmen. Collaboration with the designers’ team “minna” enabled fusion of traditional techniques and design, resulting in creation of vividly colored card cases. These items, which are always touched with the fingers when used, have the same warmth to the skin as Japanese paper. Due to their 12 various colors and small size, multiple cases can be used for different purposes, and they are easy-to-carry gifts. Infused with the Japanese spirit, they are sure to draw attention outside of Japan.