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Ceramic Works for Table Plate (Ceramic table plates)

Designed by Osamu Saruyama, who owns the antique pottery shop Saruyama, and supervised by potter Mikiko Iyama, these octagonal plates are produced at Oyagama kiln in the city of Hagi, Yamaguchi prefecture, a place known for its Hagi ware ceramics. Even with their unadorned texture, the hard octagonal design lends a modern execution to the plates. These white plates have a warmth particular to the popular white and black dish-making Ms. Iyama is known for.

[Producer’s Remarks]
Based on his experience of handling antique items, the insight of Mr. Saruyama does not stop simply with form, but draws on the appeal of the material, the particulars of technology, and most importantly, also brings a smile to the face of those using them. His discreet but fascinating design will enchant a great many people. (Hirotoshi Marukawa)