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Chiba Mamenoka Peanut Paste (Sato Fushiyo) (Peanut butter made from Chiba peanuts with no added sugar)

Jam/Syrup/Honey/Starch Syrup
In Japan, peanuts are largely cultivated in Chiba prefecture. The beginning of this widespread cultivation began in 1876, the 9th year of the Meiji era, during which Kanaya Souzou lend seeds and fertilizer interest free from local farmers in
the area. He then put all his effort into growing these seeds, which happened to easily flourish in areas where the soil was thin and unable to support cultivation of other vegetables. Soon cultivation by other farmers spread to the extent that by the middle of the Meiji era peanuts were thriving as an export commodity. Overseas, the peanuts were mostly pressed for oil. In Japan, however, they were largely consumed whole, roasted or boiled, and with just a bit of salt in a
simple manner. Owing to this, the Japanese have come to pay close attention to and know the taste well. Even without adding sugar, peanuts possess a natural sweetness that is fragrant and rich. It’s very smooth and even if the oil separates, it easily becomes creamy again with just a little stir.