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Chigiri (Ribbon shaped brooch made of Akita sugi cedar)

Odate mage-wappa, or bentwood work, is a craft traditional to Akita prefecture that boasts a history of some four centuries. Bentwood products, such as bento boxes and containers for rice, are made from natural Akita cedar, an extremely beautiful and precious cedar material with an age of 150 – 200 years. Chigiri is a small brooch meticulously handcrafted from listings produced in the process of manufacturing bentwood products. Although the brooch is made from listings, it boasts beautiful straight grains of wood. Chigiri gives a new and accessible form to a traditional craft that has been handed down from generation to generation since ancient times. The design of the brooch symbolizes the connection between people. A finish of beeswax and plant oil is applied on the surface of the brooch to highlight the soft
texture and sweet aroma inherent to cedar.
*Chigiri is a product developed under WAPPA PROJECT, a joint initiative implemented by ZERODATE, MINATO FURNITURE, and casane tsumugu.