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Chihisaki Hanaire (Tsurukubi, Tokuri, Uzukumaru, Kinegata, Kinuta, Natsume) (Small flower vase)

Glass/Vases/Flower Pots
In the past, Asahikawa in Hokkaido was a prosperous town due to furniture legs and knobs produced on its lathes. Lathe craftsmen in this town have used their equipment to carve this single flower vase out of wood. The fine round details
despite the small size and precision handiwork is the proof of a high level of skill. Place a seasonal wildflower found on a stroll in this vase to brighten up any space. There are six different types of this single flower vase, and the one shown in the photo is the Natsume version.

[Producer’s Remarks]
You can feel the excitement in this delicate single flower vase created with a single blade. This item is created with authentic techniques and is packed with the love for small things, cherished by the Japanese from long ago. Despite the high level of skill, the vase is available at a very reasonable price. (Akiko Hino)