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Clip-shiki Titan Spoon (Titanium spoon with a clip)

For more than 100 years, the manufacture of eye glasses has been a leading local industry in Fukui prefecture. Fukui prefecture is counted as one of the three major production centers of frames for eye glasses, and its beautiful and
functional frames for eye glasses have today become a trusted world brand. Now, there is a novel masterpiece spoon product attached with a clip made of elastic titanium utilizing the technology that goes into manufacturing eye glasses, where flexible fittings are always pursued. Titanium’s properties of resistance to rust and its allergy-free, human body-friendly nature make it a perfect candidate as a material for spoons. The spoon weights only 4 grams, and it can be clamped onto the rim of a glass while drinking whiskey and water, for example, and when the ice melts and dilutes the drink, the spoon is immediately available to stir it back to a proper mix for a consistent, delicious flavor. Even when the clip portion is stretched, it can immediately recover its clamping tension just by pushing it up.