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Clutch Bag (Clutch bag made with wood pasted cloth) 

The city of Hita in Oita prefecture is known as a “city of wood,” and since Japanese cedars and cypresses are abundant in Hita, techniques for producing furniture and other items using wood have been handed down. The
kinuno (literally “tree cloth”) material for the clutch bags is a sewable sheet made by thinly slicing the lumber and affixing it to fabric. These one-of-akind items with naturally formed beautiful wood grain patterns were created
from efforts to preserve Hita’s forests.

[Producer’s Remarks]
Japan has developed along with its trees. What’s magnificent about these bags are the originality of making Hita cedars into clutch bags and the idea of using wood for fabric. The fabric with the camouflage pattern that goes well with the wood grain is also attractive. They will look even better when used overseas along with geta (Japanese traditional wooden clogs).(Shinichi Sato)