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Cohan (Shirt)

Dresses & Tops
The Cohan brand was launched this spring by a major textiles company that has been processing raw cotton and manufacturing products since its establishment 174 years ago. It offers a variety of comfortable and relaxing clothing
in fabrics featuring an absolutely stress-free soft texture. Cohan began with the careful selection of cotton threads and took approximately 2 years to come to production. The pride of the craftsmen who created the brand comes through
in the clothing.

[Producer’s Remarks]
Cohan makes 4 types of fabrics that differ in how they are woven and intertwined, and when I actually tried on the clothes, I was surprised that each piece of clothing was comfortable in a different way. The clothing can be worn either as undergarments or outer garments. My outstanding impression of the clothing is one of extreme, feel-good comfort. (Takeo Okuma)