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collection SUZURI table (Suzuri rectangular dish)

High quality ink stone is produced in the town of Ogatsu in Miyagi prefecture. Ogatsu slate, essentially suzuri and also called ink stone, is used to make this tableware. Taking advantage of the stone’s natural characteristic in which it
breaks thinly along its grain, very unique patterns and a sophisticated quality can be achieved in each piece of tableware. Although there was much damage done in the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami, there has been a miraculous recovery of tools and suzuri stone. The town and industry continue to make every effort toward a full recovery.

[Producer’s Remarks]
When Japanese food is served, the feel of the plate as well as the space on the plate is taken into consideration. This plate with its bluish black color and unique texture is ideal for cuisines like Japanese where the spacing is an important aspect of the dish. This kind of tableware from its unique surface feel to how it makes the food placed on it shine, is one
that inspires chefs to rise to the challenge. (Yudai Tachikawa)