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Colorful Techo (Paper notebooks in various colors)

Notebooks/Datebooks/Memo Pads
Bonami means good friend in French. In the small Manazuru studio, where the sound of the sea can be heard, three good friends create typographic prints and handmade journals. Even in a world where books and printed materials can
easily be ordered on the internet, there is a tranquility gained from heartwarming prints created through the assembling of metal typeface, ink preparation, and individual hand printing. That vibrant spirit experienced every day at Bonami is
contained in the Colorful Notebook. With affection for the simple beauty of each piece of paper and thread, the handmade notebook is carefully bound using classic techniques. Its multicolored brightness entertains the eye, which is accustomed to ordinary white paper. Perhaps this wonderful craftwork that keenly exhibits the brilliance of handcrafting in Japan will prompt the user to pause during the day to appreciate the moment.