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Daiku no Dogubako (Carpenter’s toolbox)

This simple, everyday item is made from natural materials by craftsmen from workshops and rural communities. It is the kind of object found in grandparents’homes back in the day. When tools that were once used in daily life but never seen any more are once again put to use, the wisdom that went into their creation and their ease of use provide a pleasant surprise. The Carpenter’s Toolbox is made from cedar grown in Tochigi prefecture and features the yarikuri design where the cover slides right or left to open. Both deep and shallow types are available in small, medium, and large. Choose the right size according to the items to be stored. The boxes are particularly handy because the various sizes fit together perfectly when stacked, since the length and breadth of each one is a multiple of 12 inches. The wood ages nicely, so the boxes can be used for many years to come.