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Indigo, one of the world’s most historic dyes. And now there is the Tatz Miki indigo scarf, created using the highest grade of naturally derived dye that can only be developed through an approximately 100-day process of natural
fermentation of the Polygonaceae indigo plant. The material the scarf is woven from is the raw silk of the Saturniidae family of large-winged wild silk moths. It is the silk of this flying creature that enables the dye to be expressed to its fullest potential. From the one-dip dye Début, to the over 80-dip dye Infini, there are eight indigo hues available. The depth of the color is determined by the number of times the fabric is dipped in the dye. Indigo blue, with a sheen that expresses a powerful hold on life, has a beauty that evokes the image of deep space. The indigo is antibacterial and also has the effect of cutting UV rays, making it a strong ally in protecting skin, but it is the mysterious blue of the scarf that adds that chic touch when draped around a neck.