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Design Setta (Japanese sandals)

It is said that the traditional Japanese sandals called zori and setta have been continuously manufactured in the town of Sango in Nara prefecture since the Edo period. At its peak, the area produced over 80% of the zori and setta in
Japan. Amid a decline in demand for zori as lifestyles change, local craftsmen have created these newly designed setta to suit modern fashions. The most noticeable part of the sandal, the thong straps, is made with vintage cloth from Europe. The modern, stylish design smartly accents the feet. The sole is constructed from dungaree used for jute bags for coffee beans and material used for Panama hats. The setta are carefully created by craftsmen from these materials. Not only do they look great, but they are also extremely comfortable to wear. Slip them on once, and they feel so good that they will immediately become favorite, go-to sandals.