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Ebi Zukushi (Premium Assorted Shrimp Crackers Gift Set)

Live Japanese tiger prawns, grilled whole, lend even their shape to these special shrimp crackers. Each individual prawn is carefully sliced from head to tail by hand, and the brain tissue, innards and back vein are removed. The shrimp slices are then delicately fried. Each day’s haul is examined closely to determine the proper cooking temperature and time for that day’s catch. Keishindo’s techniques are based on the same principle of Japanese cuisine to bring out the best in the ingredients they use. These crackers are made from tiger prawns caught only in Japan, and great care is taken to ensure that the crackers stay completely fresh during shipping. The bright red color of these light crispy crackers comes from frying the Japanese tiger prawns live, a method that also gives these crackers an aromatic shrimp fragrance and delicious taste that you’ll love. The Ebi Zukushi Assortment features sweet shrimp, shiba shrimp, botan shrimp, and red prawns, a wide array of flavors that make this an ideal gift set.