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Float Lemon Tea (Tea bag with dried sliced lemon)

Black Tea
This is black tea with dried lemon created by applying the drying techniques cultivated from the maker’s miso and soy sauce brewing experience. Although lemon tea is a standard, everyday drink, the best thing about this product is
how easy it is to enjoy authentic lemon tea. Because dried, sliced lemon is included in the tea bag along with domestic tea leaves, you can enjoy elegant tea time in the office, with unannounced visitors, and even outdoors. Because dried lemon releases its flavor more slowly than raw lemon, there is no need to quickly remove the lemon from the tea. Domestic tea with very little bitterness was selected to pair with the lemon. At first glance it seems to be just your
average tea, but is actually a novel concept with a slice of floating lemon. Be sure to try it.