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Fresco Tie (Fresco silk necktie)

The Fresco Tie was born at an old shop with 80 years of history in the silk goods producing area of Tango in northwest Kyoto prefecture. Settling for nothing less than thoroughgoing by-hand methods in order to recreate tradition in modern-day lifestyles, the shop has produced items that are appealing for their three-dimensional volume that includes elegant luster and airiness. These ties are like works of art; only two or three can be made each day, as they are packed with the uncompromising determination of their creators.

[Producer’s Remarks]
These ties made by artisans who weave the finest kimono and sashes, make one feel Japanese delicacy and the fastidiousness of their creators toward the manufacturing process. Please enjoy one with all five senses. The beauty of the detail in Takumi's handmade work is overwhelmingly different. You will get a sense of the story of the tie's maker. (Shinichi Sato)