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Furoshiki Carry Kinran Donsu Kuro/Silver (Gold-brocaded satin damask wrapping cloth bag in black/silver)

A furoshiki is a square-shaped cloth that has been used by Japanese people from ancient times for wrapping all kinds of things. A furoshiki is simple and functional. One day, a housewife thought, “Why can’t I use a furoshiki along with clothing?” This idea resulted in the creation of the Furoshiki Hand, which is a furoshiki made into a bag. The Furoshiki Carry coordinates the Furoshiki Hand and the Original Furoshiki into one set to let it be used as a bag. Among these is a series using the kinran donsu, which is made by weaving a golden thread through a thick fabric called donsuji. It is modern without being showy, and produces a cool effect. These bags are suitable for use by not only women, but also men.