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Gassaibukuro (Small traveling pouch)

Inden pouches are made through a process in which natural deerskins are tanned, laid out on Ise paper templates, and finally lacquered. The Koshu Inden, among them, is one particular craftwork that has a long history as an accessory
used by samurai warriors. The crafting technique is exclusive to Japan and has been passed down by lead craftsmen, qualified as traditional Koshu Inden artisans, for three generations. Today, the traditional gassaibukuro pouch used
for keeping small items accessible is being rethought as a handy accessory for modern necessities such as cell phones. Another name for these pouches is Shingen-bukuro, named after the feudal warlord Shingen Takeda. Not only are they sturdy and light, but beautifully designed as well, featuring original designs intended to bring about luck, such as Yose-komon and crane and turtle imagery. This is one traditional craftwork in which the grit of the craftsmen as well as the meaning and thought put into it can really be felt.