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Genji Kaorisyo Ukifune (Incense stick set)

The introduction of incense to Japan along with Buddhism nearly 1,400 years ago resulted in the development of a unique culture of fragrance. Shoyeido, an old incense maker with a 310-year history in Kyoto, created the Genji Kaorisyo Ukifune kit as a way to enjoy this tradition of Japanese scent. These were created on the motif of The Tale of Genji, the world’s oldest full-length novel, written about the Japanese aristocracy 1,000 years ago. One of the incense burners is made of non-combustible paper in the shape of a bamboo-leaf boat and the other of boat-shaped porcelain. The bamboo-leaf boat can float in water so you can enjoy the wonderful scent while experiencing the atmosphere of Japan. There are two types of incense with traditional scents, pink and purple. The pink is a passionate scent that
represents a man’s devotion to a woman, while the purple is reminiscent of a woman torn between two men. Enjoy these scents while imagining the refinement of Japan.