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Ginza Mikawaya IRIZAKE (Edo period style soy sauce)

This is traditional Japanese sauce made with sake, pickled plums and shaved dried bonito. Before soy sauce, this was the most commonly used sauce for 250 years during the Edo period. Try IRIZAKE the same way you use regular soy sauce. It is good with tofu, fish or any kind of daily dish. By adding a drop of extra virgin olive oil, IRIZAKE can be used as a salad dressing. It contains less sodium than soy sauce.

[Producer’s Remarks]
Irizake brings out the flavor of ingredients and goes well with many types of food. It can be used a substitute for soy sauce, as a dip for white fish sashimi, or mixed with an equal amount of olive oil to make a healthy Japanese-style salad dressing. When the weather is hot, it is a handier condiment than soy sauce. (Masaki Yokokawa)