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Gokokuya Hakko Sashisuseso Yokan Itsuki (Round sweet bean jelly, five flavors)

Hakko Sashisuseso Yokan Itsuki are Japanese sweets. Five different sweet bean jellies flavored with fermentation ingredients are packaged into bite-sized servings. The product name, Sashisuseso, refers to sake, salt (this product
uses green tea salt malt), vinegar (this product uses apple vinegar), soy sauce (this product uses soy sauce malt), and miso (fermented bean paste; this product uses white miso). These five seasonings are essential to flavoring Japanese
foods. Itsuki, literally five seasons, refers to spring, summer, fall, winter, and midsummer. Since ancient times, Japan has had a culture of appreciation for the four seasons. The Japanese people value sensitivity to seasons, and that is expressed in the traditional Japanese food culture of sweets. Try this new brand of round sweet bean jelly from the 128-year old confectionery known for eel pie, and enjoy a taste of the seasons of Japan.