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Goma Renkan (Sesame paste gelatin)

Processed Foods (soybeans)
Kotobukiya, the city of Kanazawa’s most historic Japanese restaurant rooted in shojin ryori, Buddhist-style vegetarian cuisine, has developed a masterpiece of sesame tofu, symbolic even among shojin ryori dishes. Based on a century of
honed skills and accumulated knowhow, Kotobukiya has moved the evolution of this dish forward, and in developing this product has gathered roughly 300 variations of sesame tofu from across Japan and tested them all. To create a superior version of this dish, Kotobukiya has been uncompromising through its threeyear development since its conception. The result is Goma Renkan, a sesame tofu gelatin. Riding the tradition of ingredients-based shojin ryori, preparation consists of mixing sesame with arrowroot starch, then chilling until it hardens. In this way the product is characterized by a rich aromatic fragrance of sesame not available in conventional sesame tofu dishes, a resilient texture and a moist sensation on the palate. It also makes a great souvenir for its eye-catching Japanese-style modern packaging design.