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Hakuji Shiho Zara (Square and rectangular white porcelain plates)

Seto has been a major production area of Japanese pottery for over 1000 years. The Hakuji Shiho Zara collection has been made with porcelain clay from Seto and been a long-running best seller from designer Akihiro Taniguchi, whose work has been continuously cherished for over 15 years. The ability to continue to create the same plate at the same top-level quality comes from the idea to “always create good things.” The potters always remember to work with the resolution of “creating each piece with heart and soul” and their scrupulousness is apparent in each plate. From the pounding, stretching, and shaping of the clay, to the glazing that gives each plate its clear white sheen, all is because of the careful handiwork that only Taniguchi can accomplish. Even the lines that emerge from the bottom surface are beautiful and with the varying plate sizes, they even look cool when stacked. These dishes are simple yet warm and are sure to remind you with every use what an amazing job the potter did when making them.