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Hakurakusei Jyunmaiginjyo (Sake)

Japanese Sake
Established in 1873, Niizawa Jozoten experienced catastrophic damage during the Great East Japan Earthquake,
however, the all-out efforts of young brewers restored the brewery. Japanese sake functions as the outstanding supporting role for complementing good food, leading brewers to pursue the ultimate dinner companion sake. Hakurakusei, their main brand, releases a calming fragrance, making it the select sake for first class and business class on Japan Airlines. The name comes from the local Sanbongi region legend of Hakuraku’s (the horse connoisseur) favorite horse riding up to heaven. One producer under this brand, Hakurakusei Jyunmaiginjyo, made from Miyagi prefecture’s brand-name rice Kuranohana polished until 55% of the original grain remains, has a fresh, fruity fragrance with a clean, crisp flavor. After it has been thoroughly chilled, it can be enjoyed in a wine glass.