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Hamabe A/B (Table dishes with two different depths)

These days, soy sauce is mass-produced and available at low prices. Originally it was aged for years in wooden barrels, making it a flavoring that took much time and effort to produce. This product was created so that you can enjoy each and every drop of soy sauce. The sloped design, which is similar to the ink stone in a calligraphy set, prevents pouring or using too much soy sauce and lets you see the true, fresh color of this condiment. It can also be used for other seasonings and condiments, and as a chopstick rest.

[Producer’s Remarks]
With many average dishes, too much soy sauce is poured and then discarded. Many virgin forests overseas are cut down to make fields for soybeans, the main ingredient in soy sauce. This product carries on the Japanese soy sauce
tradition while helping one think of the environment. (Aki Tomura)