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Triple layer LL / Bowl LL (Bowl in cypress)

Hikiyose brand products have been featured worldwide and even carried in the Christian Dior flagship store in Paris. Although quite a simple wooden dish, the layers of wood grain visible on the inside give an impression of refinement. Each piece exhibits a modern sense of freedom intended by the designer Kaichiro Yamada. Actually, there are two traditional Odawara crafting techniques at work here. The first is Odawara lacquering, passed down from the Muromachi period (1392-1573). The second is an entirely different method used in the Edo period (1615-1868) in which geometric patterns are created with the wood, called Hakone Yosegi Zaiku. Using such techniques, the craftsmen are able to showcase the wood’s natural beauty. Additionally, for the process of having to glue together several pieces of wood, wood parts that would have otherwise been thrown out are used. The amount used is controlled and kept to 1/3 of an entire tree log. These practices contribute to efforts in creating environment friendly products.