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Hocho-kobo Tadafusa Kihon no Sanbon (Three basic household knives)

The city of Sanjyo in Niigata prefecture has prospered as a blacksmithing town for about 400 years. The blacksmithing shop Tadafusa has been making knives in Sanjyo for 67 years. It is offering the series called Hocho-Kobo Tadafusa,
which is a select collection of 7 knives for household use chosen from 800 different knives. While they have a natural, moderate appearance, their main feature is their sharpness, achieved with a complete three layer structure made with SLD Copper Stainless Steel. The handles are highly waterproof and antibacterial. A patented manufacturing method for antibacterial carbonization of the wood uses neither chemical coating nor resin treatment, so the warmth of the wood and functionality are retained. The basic 3, the bread knife, all-purpose kitchen knife, and petty knife, are basic cooking knives. The bread knife with a serrated edge at the tip in particular is amazingly sharp. The exceptional knife cuts smoothly and leaves few crumbs.