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Hoshino Osama Shiitake Slice (Sliced dried shiitake mushrooms)

Hoshino Osama Shiitake is a dried and sliced large fleshy shiitake mushroom produced in the cold climate of Hokkaido. This “King” of shiitake lives up to its name—it loses none of its size or plumpness even after drying, and is highly aromatic with a rich flavor. The bitterness, off-flavor, and astringency characteristic of shiitake is suppressed, and even sweetness is detectable. As a dried food, it is also convenient for taking overseas.

[Producer’s Remarks]
The creators of course put great effort into getting this non-standard giant shiitake rated. It is a flavorful and filling
world-class food item. While porcini and other types of mushrooms are already popular overseas, this shiitake mushroom is sure to be appreciated both in Japan and overseas. (Yoshiaki Takazawa)