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Ichida Gaki Mille-Feuille (Ichida persimmon mille-feuille sweet)

The Ichida Gaki Mille-Feuille combines dried persimmon, a traditional Japanese sweet from the Edo period, with a modern arrangement for a new sweet sensation. The delightful flavor of domestic butter is sandwiched between
pieces of Ichida persimmon. The natural sweetness of dried persimmon matches with the rich, deep flavor of the butter for a wonderful fusion of Japanese and Western sweets. Ichida Gaki is a brand of persimmon produced in the city of Iida, Nagano prefecture and the Shimoina region, and eaten dried. This persimmon is known for its remarkable character as a gift to the shogun during the Edo period and to the Imperial family during the Showa period. Each harvested persimmon is hand peeled one at a time and slowly dried by the sun and wind. The sun, wind, and moisture of the river mist make this a sweet created by the bounty of nature.