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Imono Kettle (Cast-iron kettle)

Yamagata cast iron, with a history of over 950 years, is a traditional craft of Yamagata prefecture used for tea kettles for chanoyu (tea ceremony). It is characterized as usuniku-birei, literally meaning thin-walled and light with a beautiful casting surface. Imono Kettle combines a cast iron body with a plywood handle and knob. Using wood for the parts that people touch with their hands makes it easy to handle, while also succeeding in softening the hard image of metal. The bottom of the kettle is flat for better heat conduction and it is suitable for induction cooktops. The inside of the kettle is
unglazed and a traditional staining method is employed to bake lacquer onto an oxide coating. Iron kettles made in this way can boil delicious, mild-tasting hot water that is rich in iron. It is a superb item equipping both aesthetic design and functionality to traditional cast iron.