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IS Lounge Chair (Wooden lounge chair)

Miyazaki Chair Factory Co., Ltd. is located in Tokushima prefecture, a place of abundant nature that is covered by 75% forest. The furniture manufacturer specializes in making wooden chairs. It possesses advanced wood processing
techniques and employs an integrated system that starts with careful selection of wood with quality, then cuts the wood needed from unprocessed timber, and finally ends with the production of a chair. This lounge chair was
created through collaboration with an exter nal designer and has an attractive design quality. The spare design is accented by sculpted, curved armrests, and has a deeply angled seat for comfort and relaxation. It turns any room
into a tasteful space. Each chair is produced upon order and meticulously crafted by skilled professionals. The sincerity of the artisans’ handiwork is apparent the moment one r elaxes in the chair.