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Janome Yougasa (Umbrella)

Janome Umbrella blends the concept of traditional Japanese umbrellas with their history of over 400 years and Western umbrellas in a product with a superb modern design. Each umbrella is handmade by skilled craftsmen. The outstanding textile technologies that have blossomed in Fukui prefecture, establishing it as a prominent silk center since
the Middle Ages, have enabled the successful creation of a fabric that, although made with polyester yarn, retains the look and feel of pongee silk. The handle and ferrule of the umbrella are finished with Fukui Kawada lacquerware, Japan’s oldest lacquer, which dates back to the 6th century. Blended with these traditional crafts is a state-ofthe-
art carbon technology used in making the light-weight yet sturdy framework of the umbrella. This combination has realized a product that is both elegant and functional. A fusion of Japanese and Western styles, of Japanese traditions and state-of-the-art technology, this umbrella is a true masterpiece of the unique Japanese culture developed
through the skillful adoption and integration of Western civilization elements.