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Jinko Oko to Aritayaki Kotate Set NAMI (Aloeswood incense & Arita Ware incense holder set)

This incense holder set was made by a world-famous Japanese designer who combined incense from the over 400 year-old city of Sakai in Osaka prefecture and Arita porcelain from Saga prefecture in Kyushu. The natural and mellow
incense is prepared from the rare high-quality aromatic agearwood tree. The design from incense to holder to packaging was created by Ken Okuyama Design, led by Kiyoyuki Okuyama, the industrial designer known as the only non-Italian to have ever designed a Ferrari. The Arita porcelain incense holder, which has a unique lazuline color, gives off such a strong presence that it could be used as an interior objet all by itself. It is included with the jinko incense in an attractive box, making it the perfect gift.