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Kabuse Sencha Tamayura (Green tea leaves)

Green Tea
Tsukigase (Nara prefecture), located approximately 300 meters above sea level, has a cool climate. There are wide temperature variations between morning and night, and the area is often covered in fog. These conditions produce slow-growing tea that is highly aromatic and flavorful. Tea Farm Inokura strives to practice eco-friendly soil preparation that primarily uses organic fertilizer to grow kabuse-cha (covered tea) fed by spring water. The delicious Yamato tea leaves can be used up to three times and produce a beautifully colored cup of tea.

[Producer’s Remarks]
The needle-thin tea leaves of this high quality tea have the sweet aroma of new leaves and a refined, rich flavor. It is best served during special moments. Once the tea leaves have been brewed up to three times with lukewarm water, instead of throwing them away, try pouring ponzu vinegar over the leaves and eating them. The springy, seaweed-like texture is enjoyable. (Yukiko Ishimura)